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Well Drillers, Borers and Related Workers, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-13. Display Titles


Derrickman (Oil and Gas Wells)Sets up and operates derrick equipment and pumps to circulate mud through drill hole. Display Titles


Rotary Driller (Oil and Gas Wells)Operates rotary drilling plant to drill oil or gas wells. Display Titles


Cable Driller (Oil and Gas Wells)Operates cable (percussion) drilling plant to drill oil or gas wells. Display Titles


Cementer (Oil and Gas Wells)Cements openings in walls or casings of oil or gas wells. Display Titles


Well-Puller (Oil and Gas Wells)Cleans and services oil and gas wells and repairs and replaces pumping rods, casings and tubings. Display Titles


Acidiser (Oil and Gas Wells)Treats oil and gas wells with acid to increase their production. Display Titles


Well-Driller and Borer (except Oil and Gas Wells)Sets up and operates drilling plant to drill wells or bores other than for oil or gas. Display Titles


Other Well-Drillers, Borers and Related WorkersThis group includes well-drillers, borers and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in operating plant to prepare drilling fluid by mixing clay, sand and water to specified viscosity and pumping it into a borehole; using special test equipment to determine productivity of strata; or starting or renewing flow of oil or gas from well by means of explosives. Display Titles
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