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Metal Smelting, Converting and Refining Furnacemen, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-21. Display Titles


Blast Furnaceman (Ore Smelting)Controls the operation of a blast furnace to smelt ores for the production of ferrous metal. Display Titles


Open-Hearth Furnaceman (Steel)Operates an open-hearth furnace in which scrap-metal and pig-iron are melted and refined to produce steel. Display Titles


Oxygen Furnaceman (Steel Converting)Operates oxygen furnace and auxiliary equipment to convert pig-iron into steel. Display Titles


Bessemer Furnaceman (Steel Converting)Operates a steel converter in which molten pig-iron is converted into steel. Display Titles


Electric Arc Furnaceman (Steel Refining)Operates an electric-arc furnace in which high-alloy steel is produced by melting and refining scrap steel. Display Titles


Furnaceman, Non-Ferrous Metal Converting and RefiningOperates crucible, electric, open-hearth, reverberatory or other furnace for converting or refining non-ferrous metals. Display Titles


Other Metal Smelting, Converting and Refining FurnacemanThis group includes metal smelting, converting and refining furnacemen not elsewhere classified, for example those who are mainly engaged in making malleable iron in a pudding furnace, or performing one or more specialised tasks in the operation of a furnace, such as charging, operating blast- and heat-regulating systems, tapping, and pouring molten metal into ladles. Display Titles
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