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Metal Rolling-Mill Workers, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-22. Display Titles


Hot-Roller (Steel)Operates rolling mill to shape hot steel ingots into blooms, slabs, billets or sheet bars for further processing, or to shape heated semi-finished steel pieces into bars, angles, ties, rails, sheets or other finished forms. Display Titles


Continuous-Mill Roller (Steel)Operates continuous mill in which hot steel slabs are passed through a series of rolling (stands) to produce finished plates or sheets in one continuous operation. Display Titles


Cold-Roller (Steel)Operates rolling mill to reduce cold steel strip or sheet to required gauge and impart desired surface finish. Display Titles


Roller, Non-Ferrous MetalsOperates rolling mill to reduce or form hot or cold non-ferrous metal into plate, sheet, foil, wire or rod of specified dimensions. Display Titles


Seamless Pipe and Tube RollerOperates rolls to form seamless pipes and tubes from billets which have been pierced longitudinally. Display Titles


Manipulator (Rolling Mill)Manipulates controls of a rolling mill according to signals from roller to position ingots or blooms for entry into roll of mill. Display Titles


Other Metal Rolling-Mill WorkersThis group includes metal rolling-mill operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who assist in rolling operations by guiding and turning metal on conveyors or tables to, from, and through rolls of rolling machine. Display Titles
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