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AnnealerHeats metal objects in furnace and cools them at predetermined rate to relieve internal stresses, restore ductility and refine grain structure. Display Titles


HardenerHardens steel objects throughout by heating in furnace and quenching them. Display Titles


Case-HardenerImparts hard skin and tough, ductile core to steel objects by treating them with chemicals, heating and quenching or cooling them. Display Titles


TempererReheats hardened steel objects in furnace and quenches them to relieve stresses caused in hardening process and impart toughness. Display Titles


Other Metal Annealers, Temperers and Case-HardenersThis group includes metal annealers, temperers and case hardeners not elsewhere classified, for example those who assist heat treaters by loading furnaces, packing metal objects in chemicals, preparing quenching media, and quenching metal objects. Display Titles
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