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Sawyer, Plywood Maker or Related Wood-Processing Worker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-32. Display Titles


Sawyer, GeneralSets and operates one or more different kinds of sawing machines or uses hand tools to cut or trim lumber and wood to specified dimensions on a repetitive basis. May work in a sawmill, a workshop, or outside in forests. Display Titles


Edge SawyerSets and operates a multiple-blade sawing machine to cut uneven edges of rough boards straight and square. Display Titles


Band-Saw OperatorSets and operates band-saw machine to saw logs into planks or boards. Display Titles


Veneer CutterSets and operates rotary lathe, slicer or other woodworking machine to peel or slice veneer from logs. Display Titles


Plywood Core-Laying-Machine OperatorOperates machine to lay face and core veneer sheets in sequence and spread glue on core sheets to form plywood panels. Display Titles


Plywood Press-OperatorOperates hot-plate press to bond glue-coated veneer sheets together to form plywood. Display Titles


Wood GraderExamines dressed or rough-sawn wood and sorts it according to quality and size. Display Titles


Other Sawyer, Plywood Makers and Related Wood-Processing WorkersThis group includes sawyers, plywood makers and related wood-processing workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who are mainly occupied in peeling bark from logs preparatory to sawing or veneer-cutting; operating power saws to cut logs into specified barrel stave lengths; operating banks of circular saws to cut out defective sections of boards (trimming); or operating edge-gluing machines to join veneer strips into sheets. Display Titles
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