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Wood GrinderOperates power-driven machine to grind logs or wood blocks into fibre used in making paper pulp. Display Titles


ChippermanOperates chipper machine to reduce logs to chips for making pulp. Display Titles


Digester OperatorOperates rotary or stationary boiler (digester) to produce pulp and to remove impurities from materials such as wood, rags, esparto, straw, or waste paper by chemical process in the manufacture of paper pulp. Display Titles


Bleacher OperatorOperates machine that bleaches material, such as wood pulp, rags, esparto, straw or waste-paper pulp. Display Titles


Beater OperatorOperates machine which mixes, beats and hydrates pulp and other ingredients to prepare stuff for making paper. Display Titles


Other Paper Pulp PreparersThis group includes paper pulp prepares not classified elsewhere, for example those mainly occupied in operating machines which cut rags to size for cooking, bleaching or defibring prior to making pulp; screening pulp stock, pumped from digester, to separate coarse fibres from pulp; operating machines which eliminate surplus water and impurities from fibrous material prior to beating; operating machines which refine pulp by brushing out knots and shortening fibres. Display Titles
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