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Paper Maker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in 7-34.20 to 7-34.90. Display Titles


Paper-Making-Machine Operator (Wet End)Operates section of machine in which wet pulp is formed into paper. Display Titles


Paper-Making-Machine Operator (Back End)Operates section of paper-making machine in which paper is dried, calendered, wound, slit and rewound. Display Titles


Supercalender OperatorOperates supercalender machine to impart gloss and finish to surface of paper. Display Titles


Coating-Machine OperatorOperates machine to glaze or impregnate paper with coating mixture. Display Titles


Paper Maker (Hand)Makes, by hand, paper of high quality and durability for bank notes, documents, account books, drawings and other purposes. Display Titles


Other Paper MakersThis group includes paper makers not elsewhere classified, for example those mainly occupied in making paper board or laminated or crepe paper; making imitation hand-made paper on a cylinder mould machine; making sizes of glue, starch, rosin and other materials for surface treatment of paper; operating machines that waterproof paper by coating it with was; coating paper by machine with an ink-wax carbon mixture to make carbon paper. Display Titles
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