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Cooker (Chemical and Related Processes)Cooks materials such as bones, fats, molasses, oils, salts, acids and alkalis in open vats, boiling pans, kettles or similar containers to purify, mix or compound them, give them a special property or effect a chemical change in them. Display Titles


Roaster, Chemical and Related ProcessesOperates oven, rotary-kiln or similar device and auxiliary equipment, such as conveyer, feeders, and dust collectors, to calcine or otherwise effect a chemical change in materials. Display Titles


Drier Operator (Chemical and Related Processes)Operates driers that heat liquids or slurries to remove water or volatile liquid components. Display Titles


Other Cookers, Roasters and Related Heat-TreatersThis group includes cookers, roasters and related heat-treaters not elsewhere classified, for example those who dry chemical solutions by a spraying or atomising process to produce powders; dry materials in drying rooms or in drying cabinets fitted with conveying equipment; or operate electrochemical furnaces to graphitise carbon electrodes. Display Titles
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