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Filter-Press OperatorOperates filter press to remove sediment, impurities and insoluble materials from liquid concentrations. Display Titles


Rotary-Drum FiltererOperates rotary-drum filter into which solutions are vacuum-drawn to remove sediment, impurities and insoluble material. Display Titles


Centrifugal Separator OperatorOperates machine which separates solids from liquids, or liquids of different specific gravity from each other, by centrifugal force. Display Titles


Crude Oil Treater (Oilfield)Operates chemical, electrical or centrifugal equipment at oil well site to remove sediment and water from crude oil. Display Titles


Other Filter and Separator OperatorsThis group includes filter and separator operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate other special filter and separator equipment to process specific kinds of chemical materials. Display Titles
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