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Still or Reactor Operator, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-44. Display Titles


Batch-Still Operator (Chemical Processes, except Petroleum)Operates one or more stills in which batches of crude liquid chemicals (other than petroleum) are treated to separate them into, or to refine, their chemical constituents. Display Titles


Continuous-Still Operator (Chemical Processes, except Petroleum)Operates one or more stills in which continuous feed of crude liquid chemical (other than petroleum) is separated into its chemical constituents or in which those constituents are refined. Display Titles


Reactor-Converter Operator (Chemical Processes, except Petroleum)Operates equipment (other than that used for treating petroleum) which performs a sequence of operations in a chemical reaction process: Workers who operate equipment performing only one operation in a reactor-converter process are classified according to the type of equipment operated. Display Titles


Evaporator OperatorOperates evaporating tank, vacuum pan or similar device to concentrate solutions and suspensions by driving off excess water. Display Titles


Extractor Operator (Wood Distillation)Operates digester at tree-felling site to obtain crude turpentine from wood chips by steam distillation. Display Titles


SaltmakerMinds and services boiling pans containing brine, and draws or scoops out coarse and fine salt which is precipitated. May also do light and maintain fire under salt pans. Display Titles


Other Still and Reactor OperatorsThis group includes still and reactor operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who specialise in refining crude wood turpentine; distilling resin into gum turpentine; distilling alcoholic beverages from prepares mixtures; distilling vegetable products with the aid of steam to obtain perfumes and aromatic substances of an oily nature; or assisting in operation of stills. Display Titles
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