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Chemical Bleacher OperatorTreats chemical solutions with bleaching reagent to improve their colour. Display Titles


Coke BurnerOperates special ovens to produce coke from coal. Display Titles


Coal-Gas MakerOperates one or more retorts in the production of gas from coal. Display Titles


Charcoal BurnerOperates kiln to convert wood into charcoal by slow burning process. Display Titles


Synthetic Fibre MakerTends machine or machine section that extrudes or forms natural or synthetic polymers into synthetic fibres such as rayon or nylon. Display Titles


Chemical Processor (Radioactive Materials)Controls chemical equipment to separate and extract uranium, plutonium and other radioactive materials from their ores, to concentrate radioactive materials and extract them from solution, and to recover unconsumed uranium from spent nuclear fuels. Display Titles


Other Chemical Processors and Related WorkersThis group includes chemical processors and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who tend electrolytic cells used in the production of chemicals; wash chemicals in the processing of chemical products; coat pills and tablets to make them palatable and to preserve their ingredients; oxidise lead to form red lead; treat lead with acid or heat to form white lead; prepare starches and glucose; treat rubber latex with chemicals to coagulate it; and treat latex with smoke. Display Titles
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