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Fibre Preparers, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-51. Display Titles


Fibre Grader and ClasserGrades and classifies natural textile fibres. Display Titles


Wool ScourerWashes greasy wool (raw wool fibres) preparatory to further processing. Display Titles


Fibre Mixer and BlenderTends machines which mix textile fibres into uniform blends. Display Titles


Fibre PickerOperates picker machines which clean and fluff textile fibres. Display Titles


Fibre CarderOperates carding machine which cleans fibres and transforms them from loosely matted layers (lap) into untwisted strand (sliver). Display Titles


Fibre LapperOperates machine which combines slivers into one sliver lap, or sliver laps into one ribbon lap, preparatory to combing. Display Titles


Fibre ComberOperates machine which combs out short fibres, removes dirt and delivers long fibres in a sliver for first drawing (twisting). Display Titles


Fibre DrawerOperates drawing frame machine which combines several strands of sliver into one attenuated strand of regular quality and weight. Display Titles


Fibre RoverOperates roving frame machine which transforms sliver into roving. Display Titles


Other Fibre PreparersThis group includes fibre prepares not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate machine for softening and beating flax, jute and hemp fibres or for washing raw stock fibres (other than wood). Display Titles
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