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Loom FixerSets, inspects and repairs looms of various kinds. Display Titles


Knitting-Machine SetterSets, adjusts and makes minor repairs to various types of knitting machines. Display Titles


Jacquard Design CopyistReproduces in diagram form designer=s sketches for weaving by Jacquard loom. Display Titles


Jacquard Card CutterOperates machine which punches holes in Jacquard cards. Display Titles


Other Weaving- and Knitting-Machine Setters and Pattern-Card PreparersThis group includes weaving- and knitting-machine setters and p attern-card preparers not elsewhere classified, for example those who check and correct punched holes in pattern cards; operate machines which produce working copies of pattern cards from master set; place pattern cards together in proper sequence by hand or machine. Display Titles
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