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Bleacher, Dyer or Textile Product Finisher, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-56. Display Titles


Textile BleacherTreats fibres, yarn, cloth or other textile goods to make them lighter in colour. Display Titles


Yarn DyerTreats yarn with dyes to give it required colour. Display Titles


Yarn, Fabric or Garment DyerTreats yarn (7-56.20), textile fabric (7-56.25) or garment (7-56.30) with dyes to give it required colour. Display Titles


Fabric DyerTreats textile fabric with dyes to give it required colour. Display Titles


Garment DyerRe-dyes garments to give them colour desired by customers. Display Titles


Textile WasherTreats yarn, cloth or finished goods to remove impurities or excess chemicals. Display Titles


Silk DegummerTreats silk yarn, cloth or piece goods to remove natural gum. Display Titles


Wool-CarboniserControls equipment that treats scoured wool fibres, woollen fabric and rags to carbonize and remove cellulosic (vegetable) matter. Display Titles


Textile ShrinkerTends equipment to shrink woven material to required length and width. Display Titles


Textile FullerTends equipment to cause fibres of wool to interlock and strengthen the cloth for further processing. Display Titles


Textile WaterprooferTreats textiles with chemical to make them water resistant. Display Titles


Silk WeighterTreats silk with solutions of tin and phosphates to give it weight and body. Display Titles


Textile Calender OperatorOperates machine in which textiles are pressed, stretched or given lustre or waterproof or other type of finish by means of friction, heating and rolling. Display Titles


Other Bleachers, Dyers and Textile Product FinishersThis group includes bleachers, dyers and textile product finishers not elsewhere classified, for example those who dye unspun fibres, hosiery or knitwear; disentangle skeins of yarn after washing, bleaching, dyeing or other treatment; dry materials at any stage of treatment; remove fibre protrusions; stretch textile goods; press made-up goods; re-waterproof used goods; or size the warp. Display Titles
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