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Tanner or Fellmonger, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-61. Display Titles


Hide and Skin GraderSorts and grades hides and skins before or after processing. Pelt grader is classified in 7-62.20. Display Titles


FellmongerSeparates residual wool from sheepskins and preserves skins intended for further treatment. Display Titles


Hide Flesher and Dehairer (Hand)Removes flesh and traces of hair from hides with hand knife. Display Titles


Hide Flesher and Dehairer (Machine)Operates machine in which flesh and hair are removed from hides. Display Titles


Hide SplitterOperates a machine in which hides are split edgeways to form two or more pieces or to give uniform thickness, or cuts the same by hand. Display Titles


TannerTreats hides or skins in solutions to convert them into leather. Display Titles


Leather CurrierDresses and finishes hides after tanning. Display Titles


Leather Dyer and StainerPrepares colour solutions, dyes and stains and applies them to dressed leather. Display Titles


Other Tanners and FellmongersThis group includes tanners and fellmongers not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate an automatic machine for buffing or polishing leather with brushes or pads; or nails leather on boards or frames. Display Titles
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