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Pelt Dressers, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-62. Display Titles


Pelt GraderSorts fur- or wool-bearing pelts before or after they have been dressed. Worker occupied in grading and matching furs in connection with fur tailoring are classified in 7-92.40. Display Titles


Pelt FlesherRemoves particles of flesh and fat from fur- or wool- bearing pelts prior to curing or other processing: scrapes particles from pelt with knife or by working skin backwards and forwards over fixed steel blade. Display Titles


Pelt Plucker and TrimmerRemoves long coarse hair from fur pelts and trims underlying hair to even length. Display Titles


Pelt Dyer (Hand)Applies dyes to fur pelts by hand. Display Titles


Pelt StretcherStretches, or smooths and stretches, the skins of dressed pelts. Display Titles


Other Pelt DressersThis group includes pelt dressers not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate machines which remove fur from pelts or skins in pickling, dyeing or other solutions. Display Titles
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