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Dairy Product Processor, GeneralPerforms one or more tasks in the preparation of various dairy products, setting up and operating equipment to process milk, cream, and other dairy products, following specified methods and formulae. Display Titles


Dairy Product PasteuriserOperates pasteurising equipment to remove harmful bacteria from milk and other dairy products. Display Titles


Butter MakerPerforms one or more tasks in butter making: pasteurises milk to eliminate harmful bacteria; separates cream from milk in centrifuge; adds lactic ferment to ripen cream; pours or pumps cream into mechanical churn; starts churn and controls moisture, temperature and churning time. Display Titles


Cheese MakerPerforms one or more tasks in cheese making. Display Titles


Ice-Cream MakerMakes ice-cream from milk, sugar and other ingredients. Display Titles


Other Dairy Product ProcessorsThis group includes dairy product processors not elsewhere classified, for example those who salt cheeses by immersing them in brine or rubbing them with dry salt; operate machines which homogenise milk or mould butter or cheese into shape; make condensed or powdered milk; or make bacterial cultures used in butter, cheese and other dairy products making. Display Titles
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