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Tobacco Preparers, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in 7-81.20 to 7-81.90. Display Titles


Tobacco GraderGrades cured tobacco leaves as to type and quality according to colour, texture, size of leaf, and locality grown. Display Titles


Tobacco BlenderMixes various grades and kinds of tobacco leaves in accordance with formula to form blend of distinctive flavour. Display Titles


Tobacco Conditioner OperatorTends vacuum conditioner (steam-pressure chamber) which moistens opened hogsheads of tobacco for further processing. Display Titles


Tobacco Stripper (Hand)Removes midribs and stalks from tobacco leaves by hand. Display Titles


Tobacco Stripper (Hand or Machine)Removes midribs and stalks from tobacco leaves by hand (7-81.50) or machine (7-81.60). Display Titles


Tobacco Stripper (Machine)Removes mid-ribs and stalks from tobacco leaves by machine. Display Titles


Tobacco Cutting Machine-OperatorCuts tobacco leaves into coarse or fine shreds by machine. Display Titles


Other Tobacco PreparersThis group includes tobacco preparers not elsewhere classified, for example those who prepare flavouring mixtures and treat tobacco with them; mix and fluff cur or shredded tobacco in a revolving cylinder; dry leaf or cut tobacco in a heating device; cool tobacco as it comes from steamer or drying room. Display Titles
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