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Fur Tailor or Related Worker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-92. Display Titles


Fur TailorMakes complete fur garments or performs the more difficult tasks in making, altering, renovating and repairing fur garments and other fur articles. Display Titles


Fur Pattern MakerPrepares patterns and makes full-size canvas models of fur garments and other fur articles. Workers specialising in designing fur garments are classified in unit group l-62. Display Titles


Fur Grader and MatcherSorts, grades and matches furs for individual garments or other articles. Display Titles


Fur CutterCuts fur according to pattern for making or repairing garments or other articles. Display Titles


Fur NailerStretches and trims dressed furs to conform to pattern outline of garment or other article. Display Titles


Other Fur Tailors and Related WorkersThis group includes fur tailors and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who rip old fur coats into strips to salvage furs or skins; glue fabric to interior of fur coats to reinforce hide; or trim blocked fur garments to remove excess fur around chalk-marked pattern on inside of garment. Display Titles
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