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Pattern Maker or Cutter, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 7-94. Display Titles


Garment Pattern MakerDraws and cuts out patterns of parts of suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, hats, caps and other garments made from materials other than fur. Display Titles


Hat and Cap Pattern MakerDraws and cuts out patterns of parts of hats and caps: performs tasks similar to those of Garment pattern-maker (7-94.20), but specialises in patterns of hats and caps. Display Titles


Garment MarkerMarks outlines of patterns on cloth, light leathers, or similar materials used in garment making. Display Titles


Garment Cutter, except LeatherCuts single or multiple layers of material (other than leather) into parts for making up into clothing. Display Titles


Leather Garment CutterCuts leather into parts for making leather garments. Display Titles


Glove Cutter, except LeatherCuts material, other than leather, for glove making. Display Titles


Glove Cutter, Leather or other materialCuts Leather (7-94.80) or other material (7-94.70) for glove making. Display Titles


Leather Glove CutterCuts leather for making leather gloves. Display Titles


Other Patternmakers and CuttersThis group includes patternmakers and cutters not elsewhere classified, for example those who make patterns, or mark or cut materials, for making household linen, upholstery, mattresses, sails, awnings, tents and umbrellas. Display Titles
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