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Upholsterer or Related Worker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities decribed in unit group 7-96. Display Titles


Furniture UpholstererInstalls, arranges and secures springs, padding and covering material to furniture frames. Display Titles


Vehicle UpholstererFits and installs interior trim and seat cushioning and covering in vehicles, such as motor cars, railway coaches and aircraft. Display Titles


Mattress MakerMakes mattresses completely by hand or machine. Display Titles


Other Upholsterers and Related WorkersThis group includes upholsterers and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those making completely or fitting and installing curtains and pelmets wall and furniture covers, quilts or other soft furnishings; those specialising in one operation or an assembly line for upholstering furniture frames, or for making mattresses; and those stripping upholstered furniture for repair or renovation. Display Titles
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