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Shoe Worker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities detailed in unit group 8-02. Display Titles


Shoe Pattern-makerPrepares patterns for use as guides in cutting or trimming parts of footwear or in preparation of cutting dies. Display Titles


Clicker Cutter (Machine)Operates press machine which cuts out upper parts of footwear. Display Titles


Shoe Cutter (Hand or Machine)Cuts out upper parts of footwear by press machine (8-02.20) or hand (8-02.25). Display Titles


Shoe Cutter (Hand)Cuts out upper parts of footwear by hand. Display Titles


Uppers PreparerPrepares and assembles upper parts of footwear for sewing. Display Titles


Sole PressmanOperates press machine which cuts out soles of footwear. Display Titles


Sole FitterPrepares rough soles for assembling on last. Display Titles


LasterJoins upper parts of footwear to insole in preparation for sewing together. Display Titles


Shoe Sewer (Hand or Machine)Hand sews, or operates hand-, foot- or power-driven sewing machine to join together parts of footwear. Display Titles


Shoe FinisherExamines and finishes footwear. Display Titles


Other Shoe Cutters, Lasters, Sewers and Related WorkersThis group includes shoe cutters, lasters, sewers and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example, those who specialise in shaping some upper parts; building up heels and fixing them to footwear; removing creases from uppers; giving final polish; sorting and matching footwear for size, grain and colour; inserting thin inner sole in footwear. Display Titles
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