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Blacksmith, GeneralForges and repairs articles of iron and steel, such as hand tools, hooks, chains, agricultural implements and metal structural parts, using hand or power hammers. Display Titles


HammersmithShapes heated metal into forgings on power hammer equipped with open dies. Display Titles


Drop-Hammer OperatorOperates closed-die drop-hammer to forge metal articles. Display Titles


Forging-Press OperatorOperates a power-press machine equipped with closed dies to forge metal articles. Display Titles


Other Blacksmiths, Hammersmiths and Forging-Press OperatorsThis group includes blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging-press operators not classified elsewhere, for example those hammering, cutting, shaping and punching metal pieces as directed by a blacksmith; starting and stopping power hammers on instructions of a blacksmith or hammersmith; adjusting pressure of forging press on instructions of a forging-press operator. Display Titles
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