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Toolmaker, Metal Pattern Maker and Metal Marker, GeneralMakes tools, dies, patterns and other metal articles using hand and machine tools. Display Titles


Tool and Die MakerFits and assembles parts to make and repair metal-working dies, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and machinists= hand tools. Display Titles


Jig and Gauge MakerLays out, fits and assembles parts to make and repair jigs, fixtures and gauges. Display Titles


Metal Pattern Maker (Foundry)Makes and repairs metal patterns used in making foundry moulds. Display Titles


Metal MarkerLays out lines and reference points on metal stock to guide workers who cut, turn, mill, grind or otherwise shape metal. Display Titles


Other Toolmakers, Metal Pattern Makers and Metal MarkersThis group includes toolmakers, metal pattern makers and metal markers not elsewhere classified, for example those who set industrial diamonds in grinding tools or in diamond-pointed cutting tools. Display Titles
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