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Machine-Tool Operator, GeneralOperates various types of automatic or semi-automatic power-driven metal-cutting, boring and grinding machines which have been set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Lathe OperatorOperates a power-driven metal-cutting lathe set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Milling-Machine OperatorOperates a power-driven machine which cuts metal with a multi-toothed rotary cutter and has been set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Planing Machine-OperatorOperates a power-driven planing machine which planes metal fixed to a reciprocating table and has been set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Boring Machine-OperatorOperates a power-driven machine set up for repetitive work, in which cylindrical holes in metal parts are aligned and enlarged to required size by a rotating cutting tool. Display Titles


Drilling-Machine OperatorOperates a power-driven machine, set up for repetitive work, to drill or ream single or multiple holes in metal. Display Titles


Precision Grinding-Machine OperatorOperates a power-driven precision metal-grinding machine, set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Honing-Machine OperatorOperates previously set up honing machine to hone internal and external surfaces of metal parts, such as cylinders, bearings or connecting rods. Display Titles


Metal-Sawing-Machine OperatorOperates a power-driven saw, such as hacksaw, band-saw or friction saw to cut straight, curved or irregular shaped parts from metal. Display Titles


Automatic Transfer-Machine OperatorOperates transfer machine consisting of series of machines connected by mechanism that automatically transfers workpieces and performs series of machining operations, such as drilling, boring, tapping, and milling. Display Titles


Other Machine-Tool OperatorsThis group includes machine-tool operators not classified elsewhere, for example those who operate shaping machines, gear hobbing machines or tend machine automatically controlled by magnetic or punched tape programmes. Display Titles
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