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Buffing- and Polishing-Machine OperatorOperates a fixed or portable machine for buffing and polishing metal. Display Titles


Tool Grinder, Machine ToolsSharpens cutting tools used in metalworking, wood-working and other machines by means of a power-operated grinding wheel. Display Titles


Cutting Instruments SharpenerSharpens knives, surgical instruments and other cutting instruments (except machine tools) by means of grinding wheel. Display Titles


Saw Repairer and SharpenerRepairs, sets and sharpens hand, circular and band-saws. Display Titles


Textile Card GrinderRepairs and sharpens the metal teeth of textile carding machines. Display Titles


Other Metal Grinders, Polishers and Tool SharpenersThis group includes metal grinders, polishers and tool sharpeners not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate machines for straightening and grinding toothed wheels; operate lapping machines to lap surfaces of metal objects; polish metal by hand, and sharpen knives and scissors in the street on portable machines. Display Titles
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