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CutlerForges, assembles, sharpens and repairs cutlery and other edge-tools using hand and machine tools. Display Titles


GunsmithMakes, repairs and modifies sports guns and other small arms according to customers' specifications. Display Titles


LocksmithFits lock parts, assembles and repairs locks. Display Titles


Metal SpinnerRotates sheet-metal discs on a special machine (lathe) and presses hand tools against discs to shape them. Display Titles


Metal Former (Hand)Trims, bends and shapes sheet metal and metal rods using hand tools, chucks and forming blocks. Display Titles


Metal-Press OperatorOperates a power press (other than a forging press or steel-plate-bending machine) in which dies, punches or other tools trim, punch, shape, notch or otherwise shape metal stock. Display Titles


Metal-Bending-Machine OperatorBends steel plates or rods to desired curvature by means of a bending machine. Display Titles


Power-Shear OperatorOperates a power machine to cut hot or cold metal objects such as slabs, billets, plates, bars, strips and sheets to specified dimensions and angles. Display Titles


Other Blacksmiths, Toolmakers and Machine-Tool Operators Not Elsewhere ClassifiedThis group includes blacksmiths, toolmakers and machine tool operators not classified elsewhere, for example those making metal articles such as springs, cables, nails, bolts and steel needles. Display Titles
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