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Machinery Fitter, Machine Assembler or Precision Instrument Maker (except Electrical) Not Elsewhere Classified, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 8-49. Display Titles


Machinery Mechanic, GeneralServices and repairs various types of machinery, engines and related equipment (except automobile and aircraft engines and electrical apparatus). Display Titles


Reciprocating Steam Engine MechanicRepairs and services reciprocating steam engines, including those used for ship propulsion. Display Titles


Diesel Engine Mechanic (except Motor Vehicle)Repairs and services diesel engines which drive generators and other stationary equipment, railway locomotives, construction machinery and other mobile equipment, except motor vehicles. Display Titles


Turbine Mechanic (except Aircraft and Marine Turbines)Services and repairs turbines (except aircraft and ship turbines). Display Titles


Metalworking Machine-Tool MechanicServices and repairs metalworking machine tools which cut, shape and grind metal to fine tolerances. Display Titles


Mining Machinery MechanicServices and repairs mining machinery. Display Titles


Printing Machinery MechanicServices and repairs printing machinery. Display Titles


Textile Machinery MechanicServices and repairs textile machinery. Display Titles


Woodworking Machinery MechanicServices and repairs machines which cut and shape wood. Display Titles


Agricultural Machinery MechanicServices and repairs agricultural machinery. Display Titles


Earth-Moving Equipment and Construction Machinery MechanicServices and repairs earth-moving equipment and construction machinery. Display Titles


Office Machines MechanicServices and repairs mechanical parts of office machines, such as typewriters and duplicating, addressing, accounting and calculating machines. Display Titles


Plant Maintenance MechanicRepairs and maintains installed machinery, plumbing and mechanical structures of an industrial or other establishment. Display Titles


Pedal-Cycle RepairerServices and repairs pedal cycles. Display Titles


Oiler and Greaser (except Ships' Engines)Lubricates the moving parts of stationary engines, motor vehicles and machinery (except ships' engines). Display Titles


Mechanical Products Inspector and TesterInspects and tests machinery and related mechanical equipment for finish, mechanical operation and conformance to manufacturer's standards. Display Titles


Other Machinery Fitters, Machine Assemblers and Precision Instrument Makers (except Electrical)This group includes machinery fitters, machine assemblers and precision instrument makers (except electrical) not elsewhere classified, for example those who assemble metal products from prepared parts not requiring further tooling or adjusting, by fixing the parts together with bolts, clips screws, rivets or similar devices. Display Titles
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