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Electrical Equipment AssemblerAssembles finished parts of electrical machinery and other electrical apparatus. Display Titles


Electronic Equipment AssemblerAssembles previously prepared parts in the batch or mass production assembly of electronic goods or components. Display Titles


Coil Winder (Machine)Winds wire onto bobbins or directly onto cores by machine to make electrical coils. Display Titles


Coil Winder (Hand or Machine)Winds wire onto bobbins or cores by machine (8-53.40) or hand (8-53.50) to make electrical coils. Display Titles


Coil Winder (Hand)Winds wire onto cores by hand to make or rewind electrical coils. Display Titles


Other Electrical and Electronic Equipment AssemblersThis group includes electrical and electronic equipment assemblers not elsewhere classified, for example those assembling microelectronic equipment, such as hearing aids and satellite communications devices, using magnifying lens, hand tools and spot welder; assembling flexible electronic leads; winding capacitors; assembling capacitors (condensers); assembling electronic tubes (radio valves). Display Titles
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