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Sound-Recording Equipment OperatorOperates electronic equipment which records sound impulses on reels of tape, wire, film or composition discs for motion pictures, gramophone-record production, radio broadcasting and other purposes. Display Titles


Public Address Equipment OperatorInstalls and operates sound-amplifying equipment. Display Titles


Cinema ProjectionistOperates a motion-picture projector and its sound reproducing equipment. Display Titles


Other Sound-Equipment Operators and Cinema ProjectionistsThis group includes sound-equipment operators and cinema projectionists not elsewhere classified, for example those editing tapes to prepare master tape for making multiple copies; testing pressed phonograph records for sound quality, using sound reproduction equipment; editing film to synchronise music and dialogue and to insert sound effects; producing sound effects by artificial means, or form tapes of recordings, to accompany action portrayed by radio or television broadcast; operating a sound-mixing panel backstage during theatrical performance. Display Titles
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