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Plumber, GeneralAssembles, installs and maintains pipes, fittings and fixtures of drainage, heating, water supply and sanitary systems. Display Titles


Pipe Fitter, GeneralAssembles, installs and maintains high-pressure and low-pressure systems of metal pipes, or combining metal and non-metal pipes, for conducting air, gas, steam, oil, water and other fluids. Display Titles


Gas Pipe FitterInstalls, repairs and maintains gas mains and pipes supplying consumers from mains. Display Titles


Marine Pipe FitterAssembles, installs, maintains and repairs piping systems on ships. Display Titles


Aircraft Pipe and Tube FitterAssembles, installs and repairs fuel and hydraulic pipelines, instrument tubes, ventilating conduits and other pipes and tubes in aircraft. Display Titles


Other Plumbers and Pipe FittersThis group includes plumbers and pipe fitters not elsewhere classified, for example those specialising in installing and repairing pipes and tubes for chemical processing apparatus, diesel engines, air-brake systems on vehicles or steam distribution, or in fixing of hangers and brackets to support pipes, or assembling sections of steel pipe to be installed by pipe fitters. Display Titles
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