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Sheet-Metal Worker, GeneralMakes, installs and repairs a variety of sheet-metal articles by hand and machine. Display Titles


Sheet-Metal MarkerMarks out sheet metal for cutting and shaping. Display Titles


CoppersmithMakes, installs and repairs articles in copper and light alloys, such as containers, ducts, cowlings and pipes. Display Titles


TinsmithMakes and repairs kitchen utensils and other articles in tinplate. Display Titles


BoilersmithMakes and repairs boilers, tanks, vats and other containers of sheet and plate steel. Display Titles


Ornamental Sheet-Metal WorkerMakes and repairs ornamental articles and fittings of sheet metal, such as house and shop fittings. Display Titles


Vehicle Sheet-Metal WorkerMakes, alters and repairs sheet-metal bodywork of vehicles such as automobiles, buses, trucks, wagons and railway coaches. Display Titles


Aircraft Sheet-Metal WorkerAssembles, installs and repairs sheet-metal parts of aircraft. Display Titles


Other Sheet-Metal WorkersThis group includes sheet-metal workers not elsewhere classified, for example those assembling metal furniture and those specialising in installation of sheet-metal fixtures and fittings in ships. Display Titles
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