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Structural Metal Preparer or Erector, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 8-74. Display Titles


Structural Metal MarkerMarks metal members and heavy plates to guide workers cutting, drilling and shaping them for use in buildings, ships and other structures. Display Titles


Structural Steel Worker (Workshop)Drills, cuts and shapes steel in workshop for buildings, ships and other structures. Display Titles


Constructional Steel ErectorPerforms various tasks in the erection of steel members and heavy plates for buildings, bridges and other structures (except ships). Display Titles


Metal ShipwrightAssembles and erects framework and other metal parts of ships' structures. Display Titles


Ship PlaterShapes and fits structural steel plates of ships under construction or repair. Display Titles


Hand RiveterRivets metal members such as plates, girders, columns and parts of smaller articles with hand hammer. Display Titles


Riveter (Hand or Machine)Rivets metal with hand hammer (8-74.60) or hydraulic or other rivet press (8-74.65). Display Titles


Machine RiveterOperates hydraulic or other rivet press which rivets steel plates, bars, beams or castings. Display Titles


Pneumatic RiveterRivets metal members such as plates and girders using pneumatically operated hand hammer. Display Titles


Other Structural Metal Preparers and ErectorsThis group includes other structural metal preparers and erectors not elsewhere classified, for example those who heat rivets in a furnace and pass them to rivet catcher or riveter. Display Titles
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