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Jeweller, GeneralMakes complete jewellery articles such as rings, brooches and bracelets. Display Titles


Jewellery RepairerRepairs and remodels jewellery such as rings, brooches and bracelets. Display Titles


Gem Cutter and PolisherCuts, shapes and polishes precious or semi-precious stones by hand and machine. Display Titles


Gem SetterSets precious or semi-precious stones in jewellery. Display Titles


Goldsmith and SilversmithMakes and repairs gold, silver, or other precious metal articles, or articles of pewter, such as tableware and artistic objects, using hand or power tools. Display Titles


Precious Metal RollerOperates a rolling machine which rolls ingots of gold or other precious metals into strips of specified thickness. Display Titles


Precious Metal Leaf RollerBeats gold or other precious metal strip to form thin leaves. Display Titles


Jewellery EngraverCuts letters and ornamental designs on precious metal ware and jewellery. Display Titles


Other Jewellery and Precious Metal WorkersThis group includes jewellery and precious metal workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who decorate jewellery by colouring or enamelling; make and repair imitation jewellery; make wax and metal models and use these to make plaster moulds for casting items of jewellery. Display Titles
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