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Glass Former, Potter or Related Worker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform almost any (but not all) of the occupational activities in unit group 8-91. Display Titles


Glass BlowerBlows molten glass into shape by means of blowpipe. Display Titles


Scientific Glass BlowerShapes glass tubing by blowing and bending to make scientific apparatus such as retorts and flasks, measuring instruments and thermometers. Display Titles


Glass-Blowing-Machine OperatorOperates machine which shapes articles such as bottles and glass parts of valves and light-bulbs from molten glass by blowing. Display Titles


Glass Lens MoulderShapes optical glass stock into lens blanks and shapes similar objects from glass discs by heating, moulding and pressing. Display Titles


Glass-Pressing-MachineOperates a machine which forms glass objects by pressure-moulding. Display Titles


Glass-Drawing-Machine OperatorOperates a glass-drawing machine by which molten glass is drawn as a continuous sheet of flat glass. Display Titles


Plate-Glass RollermanSets and operates machine to roll molten glass into sheets. Display Titles


Plate-Glass PolisherOperates a machine to polish and level plate-glass surfaces. Display Titles


Float-Glass Bath OperatorControls apparatus in which surface finish is given to a ribbon of glass by floating it on molten metal. Display Titles


Glass CutterCuts sheet glass by hand to prescribed dimensions or according to pattern, using a glass-cutting tool. Display Titles


Optical Glass CutterCuts shapes from block of optical glass with a diamond-toothed saw, for use as lenses, prisms, mirrors and other optical elements of precision instruments. Display Titles


Smooths and bevels edges of glass. Display Titles


Lens Grinding-Machine OperatorSets up and operates a battery of machines which grind surfaces of lens blanks to desired specifications. Display Titles


Lens Polishing-Machine OperatorSets up and operates a battery of machines which polish surfaces of lens blanks to a high lustre. Display Titles


Glass Tube MakerOperates a machine to make glass rods and tubes from molten glass by drawing or drawing and blowing. Display Titles


Glass Tube BenderHeats and bends glass tubing for making neon signs and other articles. Display Titles


Other Glass Formers, Cutters, Grinders and FinishersThis group includes glass formers, cutters, grinders and finishers not elsewhere classified, for example those ladling molten glass into moulds; gathering required quantities of molten glass on end of metal rod and handing it to other workers; putting legs and feet on glass articles; making laminated glass and vacuum flasks; operating automatic machines that cap (score and break) flat glass into sections of specified dimensions; operating a lathe to grind glass articles for use in laboratory apparatus or to cut, shape and seal glass bulbs used in manufacture of electronic valves or tubes. Display Titles
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