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Potter or Related Clay and Abrasive Former, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 8-92. Display Titles


Potter, GeneralMakes completely pottery and porcelain ware by various methods. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain ModellerMakes clay or plaster-of-Paris models of pottery and porcelain ware for use in preparing moulds. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain Mould MakerMakes plaster-of-Paris moulds for the manufacture of pottery and porcelain ware. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain ThrowerForms pottery or porcelain ware by moulding clay with hands as it revolves on potter's wheel. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain JiggermanForms pottery ware by operating semi-automatic potter's wheel set up for repetitive work. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain Caster (Hand)Forms pottery and porcelain ware by casting semi-liquid clay (slip) in plaster-of-Paris moulds. Display Titles


Brick and Tile Moulder (Hand)Moulds bricks and tiles, particularly those with special shapes, by hand. Display Titles


Brick and Tile Moulder (Hand or Machine)Moulds bricks and tiles by hand (8-92.40) or machine. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain Presser (Hand)Forms pottery and porcelain ware by pressing damp, plastic clay by hand into shape of a mould. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain Presser (Die- or Hand)Forms pottery and porcelain ware by pressing damp plastic clay by hand into shape of a mould (8-92.45) or by operating a screw-press or hydraulic press (8-92.50). Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain Die-PresserOperates a screw-press or hydraulic press to make pottery or porcelain ware from clay dust. Display Titles


Clay Extruding-Press OperatorOperates a machine in which moist clay is extruded in strips for further processing. Display Titles


Abrasive Wheel MoulderForms abrasive wheels by moulding and pressing an abrasive mixture by hand or machine. Display Titles


Other Potters and Related Clay and Abrasive FormersThis group includes potters and related clay and abrasive formers not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate a hand press to mould clay bricks and tiles; smooth and trim pottery with hand tools; prepare clay blocks for use in presses; drill holes in clay ware; or operate machines to cut strips of clay into bricks or tiles. Display Titles
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