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Glass or Ceramics Kilnman, Specialisation UnknownMay perform (almost) any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 8-93. Display Titles


Glass-Making FurnacemanOperates furnace to melt and fuse premixed ingredients to make glass. Display Titles


Glass-Annealing FurnacemanOperates annealing kiln or furnace to prevent or remove internal stresses from glass or glassware. Display Titles


Glass TempererTempers sheet glass to relieve stresses and harden it. Display Titles


Pottery and Porcelain KilnmanOperates kiln to bake pottery, porcelain ware and other refractory products (other than bricks and tiles) and to rebake them after glazing and decoration. Display Titles


Brick and Tile KilnmanOperates kiln to bake bricks and tiles to proper hardness. Display Titles


Other Glass and Ceramics KilnmenThis group includes glass and ceramics kilnmen not elsewhere classified, for example those who load kilns before and unload kilns after firing pottery, porcelain, sanitary ware and refractory products; assist in the preparation and firing of kilns. Display Titles
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