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Glass or Ceramics Painter or Decorator, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 8-95. Display Titles


Glass PainterPaints decorative designs on glass articles with a brush. Display Titles


Ceramics PainterPaints designs on pottery, porcelain ware and tiles with a brush. Display Titles


Ceramics DecoratorTransfers designs onto pottery and porcelain ware by using stencils, transfers, rubber stamps and other means. Display Titles


Ceramics Spray-PainterSprays paint on pottery, porcelain ware, bricks and tiles, or sprays liquid glaze on large pieces not suitable for dipping. Display Titles


Ceramics DipperCovers biscuit ware with glaze solution by dipping. Display Titles


Mirror SilvererCoats new and old mirror glass with silvering solutions. Display Titles


Other Glass and Ceramics Painters and DecoratorsThis group includes glass and ceramics painters and decorators not elsewhere classified, for example those who coat ware or parts of ware with oil and dust oiled surface with powder colour; draw lines on ceramic ware to guide other workers in applying coloured glaze and other decorations; polish gold-decorated ware by scouring with fine sand and finishing it with agate or bloodstone; or tend machines conveying ware through glaze sprays, dipping troughs and drying rooms. Display Titles
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