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Glass MixerWeighs and mixes sand, soda, potash and other materials used in glass making. Display Titles


Clay MixerOperates machine in which clay is ground, mixed and tempered for use in ceramics manufacture. Display Titles


Clay Slip MakerOperates a machine in which clays are mixed into a semi-liquid form (slip) for making ceramic products. Display Titles


Glaze MakerMixes, grinds, fuses and regrinds ingredients such as borax, lead, sand and lime to make glaze. Display Titles


Abrasives MixerMixes ingredients by machine to make grinding or polishing compounds. Display Titles


Fibreglass MakerOperates a machine to extrude molten glass through a die to form fibreglass filaments. Display Titles


Other Glass Formers, Potters and Related WorkersThis group includes glass formers, potters and related workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate filter-presses to remove excess water from clay; operate and supervise loading of battery of pans and screens used for grinding and sifting clay; or tend machines which remove air bubbles from wet clay. Display Titles
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