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Rubber Product Maker, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupations described in unit group 9-01. Display Titles


Rubber MillmanOperates a machine which kneads, mixes, blends or warms raw rubber or rubber compounds for further processing. Display Titles


Rubber Calender OperatorOperates a machine which produces sheets of rubber or rubberised fabric by a rolling process. Display Titles


Rubber Extruding-Machine OperatorSets up and operates a machine in which compounded rubber is extruded through heated die to form continuous shaped strip. Display Titles


Rubber Moulding-Press OperatorOperates a machine in which soft, uncured rubber is shaped in mould and vulcanised by steam heat. Tire moulder is classified in 9-02.30. Display Titles


Rubber Goods AssemblerAssembles rubber goods such as water bottles, ice bags, toys, ring cushions and sports articles from fabricated parts. Display Titles


Plastics Injection-Moulding Machine- OperatorSets up and operates machine in which plastic materials are shaped by injection-moulding. Display Titles


Plastics Compression-Moulding Machine-OperatorSets up and operates machine in which plastic materials are shaped by compression-moulding. Display Titles


Plastics Extruding-Machine-OperatorSets up and operates a machine in which plastic materials are extruded through a die to form continuous rods, tubes, strips and other products. Display Titles


Plastics LaminatorOperates a machine in which layers of plastics or plastic-impregnated materials are heated and pressed to form a solid laminated product. Display Titles


Plastics Products AssemblerPerforms marking, cutting, sealing and trimming tasks in the assembly of plastics products, such as bags and inflatable toys. Display Titles


Plastics Products FabricatorFabricates plastics articles, such as signs, aircraft parts and window awnings. Display Titles


Other Rubber and Plastics Products Makers (except Tire Makers and Tire Vulcanisers)This group includes rubber and plastics product makers (except tire makers and tire vulcanisers) not elsewhere classified, for example those who coat fabric and other products with rubber by rubber-spreading machine or by immersing them in rubber solutions; operate presses which emboss rubber or cut it to shape; operate machines for the fabrication of foam rubber or latex articles; operate machines for cold vulcanisation processes; grind, buff, burr, polish, drill and otherwise finish plastics by hand or machine; operate and control ovens (curing pots) to vulcanise rubber goods (except tires) by means of pressurised steam; operate other specialised equipment for fabrication particular rubber or plastics products. Display Titles
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