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Printer, GeneralSets type and operates a small printing machine. Display Titles


Hand CompositorSets type by hand for printing. Display Titles


Linotype OperatorOperates keyboard of machine which selects corresponding matrices of letters from magazines, assembles them in lines and automatically casts a strip of type (slug), for each line. Display Titles


Monotype Keyboard OperatorOperates keyboard of machine which perforates strips of paper for use in a monotype casting machine. Display Titles


Type-casting Machine-OperatorSets up and operates machine which automatically casts lines of type for printing. Display Titles


Printing Maker-UpArranges set-up type, spacing material and illustration blocks to form pages for printing. Display Titles


ImposerArranges pages of set-up type in predetermined order and locks them in chase in readiness for printing. Display Titles


Photo-Type-Setting Machine OperatorOperates keyboard of machine which reproduces letters on film or sensitised paper for eventual reproduction on printing plates. Display Titles


Other Compositors and Type-SettersThis group includes compositors, type-setters and photo type-setters not elsewhere classified, for example those who take proofs of set-up type by means of proof presses; impress metal sheets in making braille type; and arrange photo-compose type-film on paper (positive) for reproduction on printing plates. Display Titles
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