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Printing Engraver, Specialisation Unknown (except Photo-Engraver)May perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 9-24. Display Titles


LithographerPrepares lithographic stones by coating them and cutting away surface film according to design. Display Titles


Metal Printing Plate, Roller and Die Engraver (Hand)Engraves steel or copper plates, rollers and metal dies with hand tools for use in printing on paper, textiles, metal, plastics, porcelain or other materials. Display Titles


Wood, Rubber or Linoleum Block Engraver (Hand)Engraves wood, rubber or linoleum blocks for use in printing on wallpaper, textiles or other materials. Display Titles


Metal Printing Roller Engraver (Machine)Operates machine which engraves copper or other soft metal printing rollers by pressing with an embossed hard metal roller. Display Titles


Engraving Pantograph OperatorEngraves metal printing plates or rollers with pantograph machine. Display Titles


Lithographic Direct TransferrerTransfers designs from prepared lithographic stones to metal plates for use in printing. Display Titles


Metal Engraving EtcherEtches printing plates or rollers with acid. Display Titles


Other Printing Engravers (except Photo-Engravers)This group includes printing engravers (except photoengravers) not elsewhere classified, for example those copying designs on lithographic stones prior to engraving; engraving wooden rollers; cutting metal stencils. Display Titles
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