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Photo-Engraver, GeneralPrepares metal printing plates by photogravure process. Display Titles


Photogravure CameramanPhotographs illustrations and textual materials to obtain negatives for use in making metal printing plates. Display Titles


Photogravure RetoucherRetouches photographic negatives to make them more suitable for use in preparing metal printing plates. Display Titles


Photo-Mechanical TransferrerReproduces matter from photographic negatives on metal plates for use in printing. Display Titles


Photogravure EtcherEtches photo-printed metal plates with acid for use in printing. Display Titles


Printing Plate RetoucherCorrects imperfections in etched printing plates to make them ready for use. Display Titles


Other Photo-EngraversThis group includes photo-engravers not elsewhere classified, for example those who grain metal plates prior to coating them with photo-sensitive material; mount printing plates on wooden blocks; prepare monochromatic or polychromatic photo-engraving plates or films by electronic process. Display Titles
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