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Colour DeveloperTreats exposed colour film with series of timed chemical and water baths and diffused light in dark-room to prepare coloured negatives and transparent positives. Display Titles


Black-and-White DeveloperTreats exposed black-and-white film and photographic plates with series of timed chemical and water baths in dark-room to prepare black-and-white negatives and positives. Display Titles


Photograph PrinterPrints and develops black-and-white and colour photographs with contact-printing machine in dark room. Display Titles


Photograph EnlargerEnlarges or reduces photographs with projection printer in dark room. Display Titles


Other Photographic Dark-Room WorkersThis group includes photographic darkroom workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate automatic printing and developing machines which produce photographic prints in large quantities; operate machines for developing and drying motion picture films; inspect reels of developed colour film for defects; operate photographic print-washing machines; and operate X-ray film developing machines. Display Titles
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