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Basket MakerMakes baskets and other basketry articles by interlacing osier, willow, rattan and similar materials by hand. Display Titles


Brush Maker (Hand)Selects and prepares brush materials, such as bristles, fibre, nylon and wire and sets them in brush base. Display Titles


Broom Maker (Hand)Selects and prepares materials, such as broom corn, bass, whisker and fibre and fastens them to broom handles by hand. Display Titles


Wicker Furniture MakerMakes wicker furniture from peeled and softened rattan, reeds, rushes, willow sticks and similar materials by hand. Display Titles


Other Basketry Weavers and Brush MakersThis group includes basketry weavers and brush makers not elsewhere classified, for example those who plait braids of grass, reed and similar material for making mats and other articles; staple rims of basket cover mats by machine; split canes or willow rods by hand or machine; operate machines which automatically drill holes and insert bristles in brushes; operate mixing machine to clean and mix bristles used in brush manufacture; stitch brooms by machine to shape and strengthen them; make flue, bottle and similar brushes by placing bristles or similar material between wires and twisting the wires by hand or machine to clamp the bristles. Display Titles
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