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Reinforced Concreter, GeneralBuilds reinforced concrete structures and structural parts such as pillars, beams, floors and walls. Display Titles


Concrete ShuttererBuilds, assembles, places in position and dismantles rough wooden structures (shuttering) into which concrete is poured and allowed to set. Display Titles


Reinforcing Iron WorkerCuts and bends metal rods and fixes them in concrete forms (shuttering) to reinforce concrete. Display Titles


Cement FinisherFinishes surfaces of concrete structures and smoothes surfaces of freshly poured concrete sections. Display Titles


Terrazzo WorkerApplies to floors a durable, smooth surfacing composed of cement, sand, pigment and marble particles. Display Titles


Other Reinforced Concreters, Cement Finishers and Terazzo WorkersThis group includes reinforced concreters, cement finishers and terazzo workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who repair floors, walls, tanks, vats and other concrete structural parts and equipment; cut, shape and fasten wire mesh for reinforcing concrete embankments and road surfaces; set expansion joints in concrete paving; cure new concrete by covering with mat and sprinkling water to prevent too rapid drying; operate machine to mix and spray concrete by compressed air to apply a protective coating through nozzle to steel, masonry or other surfaces. Display Titles
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