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Carpenter, GeneralCuts out, assembles, erects and repairs structural and other woodwork at work bench and on construction site. Display Titles


Construction CarpenterCuts out, assembles and installs wooden frameworks of buildings, flooring, and other heavy-framed woodwork, such as pouring chutes and scaffolding, at building sites. Display Titles


Construction JoinerFits, assembles and installs wooden internal and external fixtures of buildings such as door and window frames, facings and panelling. Display Titles


Stage and Studio CarpenterMakes, erects, alters and repairs stage sets and scenery fixtures for theatrical performances and motion picture productions. Display Titles


Wood ShipwrightErects temporary structures to support ship under construction or repair, checks fairing, makes and fits wooden parts of ship, prepares launching way and handles launching. Display Titles


Ship JoinerConstructs, assembles and installs wooden fittings such as deck-houses, bridge shelters, skylights, guard-rails, cabinets and berths in ships under construction or repair. Display Titles


Wooden BoatbuilderConstructs and repairs small wooden craft such as sail boats, motor boats, floats and pontoons. Display Titles


Ship's CarpenterRepairs and builds woodwork on board ship as member of crew. Display Titles


Aircraft JoinerConstructs, assembles and repairs wooden parts of aircraft. Display Titles


Bench CarpenterCuts out, shapes, fits and assembles wooden parts, mainly working at bench, to make and repair woodwork and wooden fixtures, such as doors, windows, staircases, panelling and simple furniture. Display Titles


Parquetry WorkerInstalls and repairs parquet flooring. Display Titles


Other Carpenters, Joiners and Parquetry WorkersThis group includes other carpenters and joiners not elsewhere classified, for example those who perform rough carpentry work in tunnels and mines or construct wooden bridges and wharves. Display Titles
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