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Building Insulator (Hand)Applies slabs and sheets (bats) of insulating material, such as cork and spun glass, to walls, floors and ceilings of buildings. Display Titles


Building Insulator (Machine)Blows and packs insulating material such as mineral wool, shredded cork or asbestos into cavities between walls, floors and ceilings of buildings with a power-driven machine. Display Titles


Acoustical InsulatorApplies adhesive, sound-absorbing material to ceilings and other surfaces with power-driven machine to prevent sound reverberation. Display Titles


Boiler and Pipe InsulatorApplies insulating material such as asbestos, cork, felt or mineral wool to exposed surfaces of equipment such as boilers, pipes and tanks. Display Titles


Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment InsulatorInsulates refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment with materials such as cork and asbestos. Display Titles


Other InsulatorsThis group includes insulators not elsewhere classified, for example those cutting asbestos cloth, making it into blankets and fixing them to turbines to prevent loss of heat. Display Titles
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