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Housebuilder, GeneralConstructs, alters and repairs small structures such as houses, barns, shops and private garages, performing tasks in several different building trades. Display Titles


Building Maintenance ManKeeps structures such as office buildings, apartment houses, hotels and factory buildings in good repair. Display Titles


PaperhangerCovers interior walls and ceilings of buildings with wallpaper. Display Titles


Carpet plannerMeasures rooms to ascertain coverage of carpet required and cuts and fits material accordingly. Display Titles


SteeplejackPerforms maintenance, repair and construction work at unusual heights, such as painting smokestacks, flagstaffs or water tanks and repairing roofs, stonework or other parts of steeples and towers. Display Titles


ScaffolderErects temporary metal or wooden scaffolding on building sites for construction, renovation, exterior painting and similar purposes. Display Titles


Demolition WorkerDemolishes buildings with picks, crowbars, pneumatic hammers and other tools and salvages usable materials such as bricks, structural steel and timber. Display Titles


Pipe LayerLays pipes of glazed and unglazed clay, concrete, cast iron and other materials in ditches to form sewers, drains, water mains and conduits for cables and other purposes. Display Titles


Well DiggerExcavates water wells and deep pits for structural footings. Display Titles


Underwater WorkerWorks under water, dressed in diving suit, to inspect, repair, remove and install equipment and structures. Display Titles


Composition Tile LayerFixes composition tiles in building interiors for shock absorbing, sound-deadening, floor-surfacing and decorative purposes. Display Titles


Building Exterior CleanerCleans exterior surfaces of stone, brick and metal structures by means of a jet of steam or sand from a hose nozzle. Display Titles


Other Construction WorkersThis group includes construction workers not elsewhere classified, for example those who shore up buildings in course of alteration, and adjoining buildings if necessary, with metal tubing, metal or wood beams and chocks; apply a durable asphalt, clay, sand, bituminous or asbestos-fibre surface to floors; pull sections of heavy cables through underground channels using winches and other equipment; specialise in placing and fixing in position assembled prefabricated building sections such as wall, ceiling and floor units. Display Titles
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