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Power-Generating Machinery Operator, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 9-61. Display Titles


Steam Power Plant OperatorControls and operates boilers, turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment at electricity generating plant. Display Titles


Hydroelectric Station OperatorControls electrical generating units and related mechanical and hydraulic equipment at hydroelectric generating station. Display Titles


Power-Reactor OperatorControls nuclear reactor to produce steam power to drive electricity-generating equipment or other machinery. Display Titles


Turbine Operator (Power Station)Operates a steam or water-powered turbine which drives generators for producing electricity. Display Titles


Power-Switchboard OperatorRegulates the amount of electricity generated in a power station according to demand. Display Titles


Load Dispatcher (Electric Power)Controls the supply and distribution of electricity from power stations to ensure that consumers' demands are met. Display Titles


Other Power-Generating Machinery OperatorsThis group includes other power-generating machinery operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who assist power-generating plant operators in power stations; control feeder switchboards in power substations; operate power-generating plant servicing an individual or other establishment. Display Titles
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